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Rebrand and restructure for global eco-friendly soil stabilisation company

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They took their time to understand my business, and our customers and came up with a solution that was much better than we could have hoped for.

Michael McDermott
RoadPacker Group



RoadPacker Group have been in business since 1990. Their range of soil stablisation products can save up to 30% - 45% on traditional building costs.

They had 3 separate websites for their products that were text heavy and not leading to many enquiries. The websites were over 10 years old and looked it. It was time to restructure the entire process by bringing these sites together.


It was agreed to modernise the complete outlook of the business from the branding and documentation through to having one website that was focussed purely on lead generation.

The previous logos had been around in various iterations since the 1990s and did not reflect the business today, or the way its eco-friendly soil stabilisation products could help solve real world problems.



For the rebrand we looked at how the eco-friendly soil stabilisation chemicals came in a drum, and it was the same chemicals used for both roads and a brick. The drum became a core part of the logo, alongside the layering of the soil to enable compression and compaction. This formed the lines within the R.

For the website we took a simple approach to restructuring the content, making it easier to digest and engage with. Key features and benefits of the products were highlighted, and a visual style was taken to show the products in use.

Rather than being so text heavy, we created a range of interactive PDF downloads and flipbooks so that users could read the detailed content offline.

Lead generation

RoadPacker is used all over the globe, particularly in areas that have harsh weather climates or are difficult to reach via standard building / infrastructure. To ensure people in these countries could connect we made the site multi-lingual by integrating with Weglot plugin. This led to a large increase in leads coming in from all over the World.

All pages were call to action led, making it easy to get in touch to become a distributor for a particular region, or get in touch to to discuss the use of the products.

RoadPacker Group saw a large increase in not only the quantity of leads, but also the quality.


easiserv have been a long-term partner of ours and when they proposed a complete rebrand and amalgamation of our sites I have to say I was intrigued. On our first discovery meeting to discuss the proposal, the logic of bringing everything together under one domain made complete sense and they went away to start working on the new brand.

I have to say I was completely blown away. They took the core of our business, eco-friendly soil stabilisation and made it plain and clear in a simple, clever brand that we are all incredibly proud of.

The website has also worked well and has driven excellent leads from both potential distributors and governmental organisations looking to take on the range of products we offer.

Thanks as always to the team at easiserv for their ongoing support, proactive suggestions and most importantly high-quality work.

Michael McDermott
Michael McDermott