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EASISERV are an extremely reliable, helpful, and trusted company that produce high-end results. They consistently go above and beyond to help and make the process as easy and simple as possible.

Hannah Maule-ffinch
Hannah Maule-ffinch


Hannah's existing website had been built in a legacy CMS which was no longer supported. She was unhappy with the front-end layout, which was unwieldy and difficult to update in the back-end.

Hannah's range of work had expanded since her original site was built, we needed to digest the different disciplines her work encompassed and create sections to showcase these contrasting styles.


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Before & After_

Hannah Maule-ffinchHannah Maule-ffinch


  • Easy to update content
    The new website enabled potential clients to view her different work and case studies in an easy to digest format. The site looks great on desktop and mobile devices meaning agencies can scan her work to get a feel for the style of the photography she offers.
  • Improved outreach
    We added a blog which linked up with a new Mailchimp newsletter to allow Hannah to target leads at agencies, advertisers and NGO's to allow her to extend her range of clients.
  • New commissions
    Hannah has seen an increase in connections with important stakeholders which has led to an increase in new commissions.


Since easiserv built my website I have had a clearer  more organised platform with which to show my work to clients. This is a vital tool for a photographer. You have to be clear, concise and to the point to show your best images in an organised way that allows the user quick and easy access to see your style. Clients don't have time to look so it needs to be an immediate read. Neil and the team helped me organise this from start to finish.

They guided me though the whole process, it was more than just a website build. They worked out a complete plan on how it should be presented alongside linking it to all my social media outputs and helped me to organise and categorise a blog that made sense and targeted clients.

Since then we have also worked on a newsletter that again linked back to the style of my website. They helped me build a plan of how to present  this, and helped me understand how to follow up with clients after each letter had gone out and to understand the analytics. They gave me constant advice on how best to attract new business.

I have made clearer decisions with easiserv's help,  on exactly who and how to target and it has worked brilliantly. I have had amazing commissions for exactly the sort of client I was trying to attract. I have worked on large campaigns for the NHS and pharmaceutical clients and gained more followers and engagments on social media because of this targeted approach.

Hannah Maule-ffinch
Hannah Maule-ffinch
Hannah Maule-ffinch