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Website design and content refresh for award-winning TV production company

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The new site combines dynamic design with an easy-to-use content management system

Laura Mansfield
Outline Productions


As one of the most established and highly regarded production companies in the UK, Outline Productions pride themselves on their dynamic and creative process alongside their drive for excellence.

Their existing website lacked vibrant imagery and engaging videos that could showcase their brand and highlight their uniqueness in the industry, whilst out-of-date plugins and old WordPress systems gave them limited control and were difficult to use.

A new, video-led and modern website was needed to increase interaction and highlight their impressive client work.


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Outline ProductionsOutline Productions


  • An intuitive and easy to use CMS
    The new website works smoothly at the front and back end. It’s quick and easy to update and the bespoke CMS has given staff complete management of the site supported by regular training and advice where needed. With options to add in additional elements in the longer-term, the site remains, fresh, modern and future proof.
  • A media rich website that tells their story
    By incorporating video and candid photography, visitors can get a sense of the type of company Outline Productions are and the unique skills and experience they offer. This supports their mission to create a personable and compelling brand personality that appeals to both potential clients and those that might want to work with them.
  • Mobile friendly with a contemporary look and feel
    Combining great functionality with creative design has delivered a modern site that offers a fun, engaging and interactive customer journey.


"As a TV production company image is very important and having more videos on our site was a big priority. Our staff were finding it difficult to use our current CMS and we were keen to create a contemporary look and feel that was also practical and easy to update.

Easiserv were great at explaining things in simple language and had a clear workflow and process. They provided feedback at every stage, were responsive to how we wanted to work and everyone in the team was consistently helpful.

They had some great ideas and examples which made us think differently about functionality and creativity. There are lots of TV companies out there and Easiserv understood how important it was to make us stand out and be different. They made smart suggestions and often the small details made a huge difference.

They have given us some goals to think about for the future that go beyond web design, and they added value in every dimension.

The new site combines dynamic design with an easy-to-use content management system and for someone who runs a company it’s very compelling to have something that works smoothly at the front and back end.

Easiserv were flexible and competitively priced compared to larger London agencies. Having the option to add in elements further down the line and future proof the site is great and we would definitely work together again in the future."

Laura Mansfield
Laura Mansfield
Managing & Creative Director
Outline Productions