Website Design & Development

Websites that look great on all devices

All our new websites are responsive. This means that your website “responds” and resizes to whichever device it’s being viewed on. With over 60% of time spent online coming from mobile devices, your website can’t afford to not be responsive.

Braid Barbers

Websites powered by WordPress

Over 75 million websites Worldwide use WordPress – that many people can’t be wrong! It is our content management system of choice and gives us a powerful and extensible tool to deliver great looking and easy to use websites. We offer everything from a starter web presence through to advanced functionality such as e-commerce via WooPress

Websites with secure  hosting and emails

All of our websites come on our premium hosting platform which is optimised for security and speed. All sites come with FREE HTTPS SSL so your site will show as secure in web browsers, and we also take regular backups should you need to roll back to an earlier site version. We also offer secure emails for your website through our partnership with RackSpace. Get your work emails on your phone, laptop, desktop – in fact anywhere you want.

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